Friday, December 09, 2011

Rick & Brendan on WGN

If you missed our Wednesday night interview on Brian Noonan's show (WGN Radio-720 AM), they were kind enough to send me MP3s of the interview.

Now you can listen to it here...

Rick and Brendan Part 1
A portion of it is missing (a technical glitch), but much of it is there

Rick and Brendan Part 2

Thanks again to Brian Noonan and Andrea Darlas.

And if you're still wondering where to get that book: Click here

Ian Stewart

On the day that the Angels acquired the best hitter (Albert Pujols) and the best pitcher (C.J. Wilson) on the free agent market, the Cubs got...Ian Stewart.

OK, guys. I'm trusting you. It goes against my nature, but I'm trusting you. I said I wasn't feeling this one on my JOBC Facebook page and a few of my JOBC Friends told me that this was a good move, so again...I'm trusting you, Theo.

Ian Stewart did have a pretty good season a few years ago and the pitcher the Rockies threw in the deal was a former first round pick...and Tyler Colvin hasn't been the same since he was impaled in the chest by a bat fragment, and DJ Lemahieu didn't impress me much last summer when he was called I guess it's possible that this is a good deal.

I'll put my doubt back on the shelf for now.

I must say, trusting Cubs management is not as easy as you'd think.


How long as Newt Gingrich been around on the American political scene? When they made fun of him on SNL, he was played by Chris Farley...

Thursday, December 08, 2011

Reaction to "The Living Wills"

The book has only been out there for a week, and already we're starting to get some reaction from our first crop of readers...

"Before I say anything else, let me say that I REALLY like it. On several occasions I found myself marveling at how you capture so well the little intricacies of social interactions. The tiniest thing doesn't escape you. Whether it is wating to talk to your boss, having a beer with a friend or dealing with a phone call you don't want to take, everything strikes me as very real. And you do it with sublety. That is a very difficult thing to do. You guys were able to weave several stories together very well, and I never saw a lot of this stuff coming. The dialog is believable and your writing has a very cinematic quality to it. As I was reading it , I could picture characters in my head and kept trying to think of who would play each character in the movie. That's a good thing!"
--Brent P.

"I just finished your must tell me when your next book is coming out. This is fantastic...a very good read."
--Pat S.

We've also been getting reaction to the authors appearance last night on WGN Radio's Sports Night...(Working on getting the audio of the actual interview posted on the blog too)

"Heard your interview on WGN. I'm an actor and currently in Second City's Conservatory. Really liked how you wrote the book and agreed on what you said about improv and yes and. Fantastic way to write a book. Looking forward to reading it."
--Tim S.

"Heard you guys on the air for the first half of the interview on my way home from an event....It was fun to hear you on the air again....and how you guys did it! Although it's a "GUYS" book - I suppose this chic will get herself a copy... :) I wish you much success. Okay - now enough with the foofy stuff....go have fun and a great holiday season. Can't wait to read it!"
--Andi K.

"Listening to you on the radio right now! Can't wait to read it and get your autograph!"
--Heidi F.

AP Source: Pujols to the Angels

It looks like he has agreed to a ten year contract with the Los Angeles Angels.

Now all he needs is Carlos Marmol to be traded to the American League, so he can keep on hitting those monster 9th inning home runs.

City Mom responds to Suburban Dad

Kim Strickland comments on the Suburban Dad column I wrote for her site yesterday. She makes a few good points about the weird coincidences between us...

"Rick touches on how freaky the coincidences have been, but they are REALLY freaky. These friends we have in common are not mere acquaintances. One of my friends from high school had been their family friend for over 50 years! One of my good flight school buddies, (a classmate--pilots know what this means) was Rick's BEST friend growing up. And don't even get me started on how we would post to this blog during the Exact. Same. Minute. (!) until we agreed on Rick's Wednesday schedule."

It is definitely weird. No doubt about it.


He was sentenced to 14 years in prison yesterday, and Lord knows his flaws have been publicly displayed for all to see over the past few years, but there is one thing to remember about Rod Blagojevich. He's not irredeemable.

He is, after all, a Cubs fan.

Think they get Comcast Sports or WGN in prison?

Let There Be Lights!

70 years ago today, the same day that FDR made his "Date in Infamy" speech to the nation urging national sacrifice as the country went to war, Cubs owner P.K. Wrigley took the president's words to heart and donated his most recent purchase. He had been planning on installing lights at Wrigley Field for the 1942 season. But, when duty called, Wrigley answered. He donated those lights to the United States Army, figuring they could help with the war effort.

In the last 36 years of his life, P.K. Wrigley stubbornly refused to shell out the money for lights again. They weren't purchased until eleven years after his death, in 1988...a full 47 years after Pearl Harbor.

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

On the Radio Tonight

It's been quite awhile since I've been in a radio studio, but I will be tonight. Tune in around 9:00pm to Sports Night on WGN Radio (720). My co-author Brendan Sullivan and I will be on the air talking about our new book "The Living Wills". Looking forward to chatting with Brian Noonan and the rest of the gang.

Odd Coincidences

This week's Suburban Dad contribution to the City Mom blog at ChicagoNow is about the weird coincidences City Mom Kim Strickland and I have experienced over the thirty years of our friendship

You can read it here.

Pearl Harbor Day

70 years ago today...a date that will in infamy.

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Monday, December 05, 2011

Ron Santo

Finally. A Hall of Famer.

The JOBC Souvenir Stand

A note for all of you Christmas shoppers out there, even though our website Just One Bad Century has closed down shop for the off-season, the JOBC Souvenir Stand remains open. There are a handful of different shirt options, not to mention our popular JOBC hat.

The "Losing is soooo last century" shirt is a popular choice this year. It looks like optimism has returned to Wrigley Field.

Sunday, December 04, 2011

Father Knows Nothing

This week's "Father Knows Nothing" column has been posted. I'm calling this one "10,000 Favors".

You can read it here.