Monday, December 23, 2019

Minutia Men--Take it to the Banks

Rick and Dave discuss sketch artist hijinks, maximum efficiency toilets, Rick’s brush with Bob Newhart, and they interview sportswriter/blogger/podcaster/bon vivant, Paul Banks.

Listen to it here.

An early Christmas present

I update my website every single day, and though I see the number of people who read it remains pretty high, it sometimes feels like I'm doing it for no reason. This morning I got this comment in my e-mail box...

Robert C Skelly says:
12/23/2019 at 9:36 am
Rick, I read your TODAYS CUBS BIRTHDAY column daily. December 23rd’s edition moved me like no other date. Maybe it was the contrasting stories of tragedy, victory & what never was…or the prose of an inspired fan.
Whatever it was, I just voted it the Best Column of the Year!!!

Thanks Robert. I greatly appreciate that. That made my day.

Lossano & Friends

Our producer Tony Lossano gets a shout out in today's Robert Feder column...

Tony Lossano, host and producer of “Lossano and Friends” and “Nude Hippo: The Podcast,” will celebrate Christmas morning with a one-hour spectacular gathering a dozen hosts of shows produced by the Radio Misfits Podcast Network for Joining him at the Museum of Broadcast Communications will be: Steve Baskerville and Howard Sudberry of “Back 2 You”; Rick Kaempfer and Dave Stern of “Minutia Men/Minutia Men Celebrity Interview”; Marc Vernon of “The Car Guys Report”; Ed Silha of Radio Misfits Podcast Network; Tommy Mallie, Kimmy Spoons, Samuel Greenberg, Chris Cwiak and Michael Garay of “Lossano and Friends”; and Evie Olson of “Grape Insights.” Added Lossano: “I will be the Fahey Flynn holding the bow-tie shaped holiday cookies.”

Chicago Fire

The Chicago Fire have a new sporting director. His name is Georg Heitz, and he comes from Switzerland with a pretty strong pedigree.

Maybe now that they are back in Soldier Field, and have a new director, the Fire can re-emerge. This past decade has been a complete waste.