Thursday, May 09, 2019

Daily Herald Part 2

Thanks again to Jim O'Donnell for mentioning me again in his column this week, and for giving the answer to that unbelievably difficult trivia question...

LAST WEEK THE COLUMN QUESTION WAS: What was the walk-up song of Cubs catcher Tom Lundstedt during his one full season (1974) with the Cubs?

That inquiry stemmed from the release of Rick Kaempfer's excellent new book "EveryCubEver" (Eckhartz Press, $25), which lists the 2,186 who have played for the ballclub since 1871 along with select minutiae about each.

The clue was: "Not the most energizing song in the solar system."

The most-popular wrong answer was "Space Oddity" by David Bowie. ("Ground Control to Major Tom.")

Among the more esoteric answers was "The Original Theme From Monday Night Football." "Lazy Moon" by Harry Nilsson completed that exacta.

Key jumpoff juncture was deducing whether "solar system" referred to "sun," "space and universe" or something even more cosmic.

"Sun" was correct. From there, exactly three winners went on to correctly adduce "Sunshine On My Shoulders" by John Denver.

The trio -- all of whom will receive a copy of "EveryCubEver" courtesy of Kaempfer -- are Cindy Menelle of Mount Prospect, Brian DeValk of Palatine and Kevin Kelley of Arlington Heights.

As for Kaempfer, he received his own singular award:

Cubs chairman Tom Ricketts called and had the energizing author and Eckhartz co-publisher Dave Stern sit with him at Monday night's Cubs-Marlins game.

Josh Reilly

My book "EveryCubEver" is selling like gangbusters at . It features a mini-bio of literally every Cub that ever played for the team, including today's birthday boys. One of them, Billy Jurges, was shot by a fan. (Read his story today at But I think it's even more fun to read about some of the obscure players like this one...

~Josh Reilly 1868–1938 (Colts 1896)
When he arrived in Chicago in 1896 from San Francisco, the Sporting News provided a little background information about the 27-year-old rookie, saying he had been “traded for a horse when he played in California some years ago.” Then, he created a new legend for himself right out of the box. In his first big league game he started a triple play. Though he started with a bang, he was more of a shooting star than anything. After eight games, Reilly contracted typhoid fever, and just like that, his big league career was over. He lived another forty-plus years, but he never played baseball again.

Wednesday, May 08, 2019

Free Kicks, Episode 38

EP38: Adam and Rick discuss the final week of the Premier League season, and preview the summer ahead (World Cup, Champions League, and Europa league finals).

Listen to it here.

New music chart

For 80 years people have been talking about the Billboard Music Charts.

Well, beginning next week, there will be a competitor. This one already has a brand name. It's the Rolling Stone Music Chart.

Details are here.

I think KB is back

Janet on the Radio

Rick on the Radio

Went down to Lagrange last night to do an interview with Brandon Herman about my book "EveryCubEver". When it's posted on his midwestern network, I will post it here.

Thanks Brandon for having me on.

Tuesday, May 07, 2019

Clearly Not A Hoax

More than 400 former prosecutors believe Trump would face obstruction charges if he weren’t president, and signed a letter affirming their beliefs.

Now Trump is blocking anyone from testifying to Congress about anything, and is refusing to turn over his tax returns.

Still think this is a hoax? Is that how an innocent person acts? No.

He's still obstructing justice right before our very eyes.

What a night at Wrigley!

Thanks again to Tom Ricketts for asking me to sit with him in his seats so we could discuss my book. We talked baseball for nine innings. Just awesome. He is thinking of buying a copy of the book for all of his alumni. I could tell he really liked it. He was leafing through it the whole time.

Unforgettable night at Wrigley Field for me--even if the end result of the game could have been better.

Monday, May 06, 2019


Game of Starbucks...

Kid K

Minutia Men, Episode 133

EP133: Rick and Dave discuss Chef Boyardee, BSing rich guys, beer you’d never drink, all the Cubs named May, Rick’s brush with ex-Cub outfielder Jose Cardenal, and they interview humorist author Sheila Moeschen.

Listen to it here.

Free Kicks, Episode 37

EP37: Adam and Rick talk about the Player of the Year awards, the craziest game of the season, and take a quiz about the dirtiest players of all-time.

Listen to it here.

Stylz & Roman out at US-99

From this morning's RAMP Newsletter...

Entercom Country WUSN (US99)/Chicago has parted company with morning duo Stylz & Roman after nearly three years in the wake-up slot. Dougie Stylz (a.k.a. Doug Bobrowski) and Justin Roman caused quite the stir when they debuted on WUSN under former owner CBS Radio back on Sept. 6, 2016, replacing the previous longtime duo of "Ramblin' Ray" Stevens and Lisa Dent. After all, Stylz and Roman were both newcomers to the Country format, having spent the previous 12 years across the hall on Top 40 sister WBBM (B96), starting out as promotions interns before teaming up for nights, and later spending a decade in afternoon drive before making their big Country move. In a Facebook post, the guys expressed their gratitude, saying, "Thanks to both our B96 and US99 families for all the love! But most of all, thanks to YOU for listening over the past 15 years!"

Janet Sutherland on Radio Health Journal

This appeared on over 500 radio stations over the weekend. Thanks again to Reed Pence for inviting Janet Sutherland into the studio to do this interview.

Here's the article that accompanied the interview...

One in every 50 Americans has a chance of experiencing the type of headache that no amount of medicine can dull. One with a 40% fatality rate. Typically non-symptomatic and often undiagnosed, brain aneurysms are bulging blood vessels in the brain (picture an expanding water balloon).

30,000 people per year have the misfortune of not recognizing their brain aneurysm until it ruptures and produces searing pain. A pain the prompted brain aneurysm survivor Janet Sutherland-Madden to call her mother one March afternoon to say what she believed to be her final goodbye.

What started as one of her daily headaches ended up bringing her dangerously close to death. Soon after Sutherland-Madden dialed 911, paramedics found her seizing on her kitchen floor and recognized that she was displaying the symptoms of a ruptured brain aneurysm. Amazingly, these paramedics had recently undergone training on how to identify brain aneurysms––a fact Sutherland-Madden recognizes as a true miracle.

Statistically, a brain aneurysm ruptures every 18 minutes, and ruptures have been found to occur twice as often in the African American community compared to Caucasians. Sutherland-Madden discusses these statistics and other truths in her new book Nose Over Toes––a product of her new-found mission to disseminate knowledge and raise awareness about aneurysms.

You can listen to it here.

Book Signing weekend

Thanks to everyone who came out this weekend. We sold out of books at Moretti's...

And we had a great time in Wheaton...