Friday, June 19, 2020

RIP Sir Ian Holm

He passed away today at the age of 88. Probably best known for his part as Bilbo in Lord of the Rings. If you've never seen that trilogy (like me), you still know Ian Holm. He's been in so many movies and shows over the years.

Here he is in the Academy Award winning "Chariots of Fire"...

Free Kicks

After 100 days of no Premier League soccer, we finally get to talk about current games in this week's Free Kicks.

Listen to it here.

Thursday, June 18, 2020

Lee Thomas

Cubs through history: June 18, 1967. The Monterey Pop Festival ends, kicking off the infamous Summer of Love. The Cubs are on the other coast, splitting a double header with the New York Mets. Future Phillies GM Lee Thomas knocks in the winning run against Tom Seaver in Game 2.

The Lincoln Project, Again

Not for faint of heart...

Put it There

Happy birthday Paul McCartney...78 years old today.

This is one of his solo songs, and it's a special one to me and my boys. I sang it to all of them when they were young, and whenever we hear it, we think of our father/son relationship.

The Sandlot

This week's Minutia Men Celebrity Interview is with one of the actors from the great baseball movie "The Sandlot".

Listen to it here.

Reconcile the Aisle

My Eckhartz Press co-publisher David Stern and I appeared on the podcast Reconcile the Aisle this week.

Here's a link if you're interested.

Wednesday, June 17, 2020


My lovely bride is celebrating a birthday today.

Happy birthday Bridget!

Quaker Oats Retires Aunt Jemima

It's about time, don't you think?

I didn't realize that Aunt Jemima had Chicago roots. Neil Steinberg tells that story in his blog Every Goddamn Day.

The Lincoln Project

Remind me never to piss off the guys at the Lincoln Project. They take no prisoners...

The Virtual Emmy Awards

They've announced that this year's Emmy Awards will not be the usual glamorous affair. Instead, it will be virtual, just as we've been living our lives since March.

More details on how they intend to do this are here.

Jimmy Kimmel will host.

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Ned Williamson

Cubs through history: June 16, 1884. The first roller coaster in America opens on Coney Island. The Cubs (known then as the White Stockings) are in Buffalo losing to the Bisons 20-9. Ned Williamson sets the single-season homer record that year with 27. Babe Ruth breaks it 1919...his last year with the Red Sox. Ned was long dead by then. He passes away in 1894 at the age of 36.

Janet Sutherland

Congrats to Eckhartz Press author Janet Sutherland for her mention in this morning's Daily Herald.

You can read it here.

Garry Meier

From this morning's Robert Feder column. Could my old colleague be making a radio comeback?

It’s been more than five years since Garry Meier was replaced by Roe Conn as afternoon personality at news/talk WGN 720-AM. Now Meier, 70, may be on his way to reclaiming his old job. Sources confirmed Monday that Sean Compton, the Nexstar Media Group executive vice president overseeing WGN, is talking with the Radio Hall of Famer about returning to the station to replace Conn, 56, whose contract is up at the end of the year. Once partnered with Steve Dahl, Meier spent eight years as Conn’s afternoon co-host at news/talk WLS 890-AM before he quit in a bitter salary dispute in 2004. He’s been gone from terrestrial radio since 2014 when his five-year solo run ended at WGN. In 2016 Meier launched a subscription podcast. In the latest Nielsen Audio survey, WGN ranked eighth in afternoons with a 4.2 percent share. Overall the station was tied for third with a 5.2 share.

Monday, June 15, 2020

Sammy Sosa

I watched that show last night and I thought it was a little too much McGwire and not enough Sammy. The Sammy quotes that did make the show "God didn't choose Griffey. God chose me," were egotistical gold.

That being said, I still think it's time to invite Sammy back to Chicago. You can't deny the impact he had in his years here. Sounds like he really, really wants to return...

Billy Williams

Happy 82nd birthday to one of my all-time favorite Cubs...

~Billy Williams 1938– (Cubs 1959-1974)
Billy Williams got his nickname (“Sweet Swingin’ Billy from Whistler”) because of his nearly perfect swing and his hometown: Whistler, Alabama. He played for the Cubs from 1959-1974 and is simply one of the greatest players to ever wear a Cubs uniform. Sweet Swingin’ Billy was a six-time All-Star (and hit a homer in the ’64 game), a batting champion, was named the MLB player of the year, finished second in the MVP balloting in two different years, hit more than 400 career home runs, and was inducted into baseball’s Hall of Fame in 1987. Ernie Banks may have been Mr. Cub, but during the years he shared the field with Billy Williams, he may have only been the second best player on the team. Billy Williams manned left field for the Cubs for twelve years (other than a few years in the mid-60s when they switched him over to right). Near the end of the 1973 season, however, manager Whitey Lockman had the brilliant idea of moving the life-long outfielder to first base. After setting a NL record for most consecutive games played (1117), and establishing a reputation as an iron man outfielder, it only took a few games at first base for Billy to get spiked. He missed twice as many games in 1974 as he missed the previous twelve seasons combined. He finished his career with the Oakland A’s, where Billy finally got a chance to play in the postseason. (Photo: Toppps 1970 Baseball Card)

Minutia Men--A Cobbler's COVID solution

Rick and Dave discuss an illegal workout, a cobbler’s COVID solution, Ben Dover, Rick’s brush with a celebrity, and they interview Chicago Sun-Times columnist Neil Steinberg. [Ep182]

Listen to it here.

Jon Stewart Interview

Have you missed Jon Stewart since he left the Daily Show? Are you wondering what he thinks about current events?

The New York Times magazine had a long chat with him over the weekend. You can read it here.

Warning: It's not funny. It's quite serious.