Friday, September 11, 2020

My 9-11 memory

You Can't Say Russia, You Can't Say Hoax

This is really an amazing story that is getting lost in the flurry of news going on. Remember during the impeachment when the Trump people were saying Ukraine was really behind the election meddling? (Yes, they said it). Rudy Guiliani even did a series of Ukraine specials, remember those? Turns out the guy who was feeding him that stuff was a Russian spy. From today's Washington Post...

President Trump, in August, promoted information that the U.S. government has increasingly connected to a Russian disinformation campaign in the 2020 election — after his personal attorney, Rudolph W. Giuliani, worked with the man promoting it. Now the U.S. government says explicitly that the man behind it is a Russian agent.

The Treasury Department on Thursday identified Ukrainian politician Andrii Derkach as an “active Russian agent for over a decade” — a label that could lead to more direct penalties. It added that Derkach has “directly or indirectly engaged in, sponsored, concealed or otherwise been complicit in foreign interference in an attempt to undermine the upcoming 2020 U.S. presidential election.”

This is the same guy that is giving "information" to Senator Ron Johnson who is investigating the Hunter Biden stuff in the Senate. That's right, a friggin Russian spy. When this whole Trump nightmare is over we're going to discover that he was guilty of every single thing he's ever been accused of, but most importantly, he is in ine pocket of the Russians. Period. Anyone who says "Russia Hoax" should choke on the MFin words.

Thursday, September 10, 2020

Jeff Gentile

Free Kicks is back!

RIP Ronald Bell

A staple at every single wedding since the early 80s...

Wednesday, September 09, 2020


When Ringo goofs and forgets that his buddy John's birthday was actually October 9th.

Trump Knew

He knew how bad it was, and he admitted that he was playing it down on purpose. We knew he knew. But hearing him admit it is still disturbing. Nearly 200,000 people dead. It didn't have to happen.

Bob Woodward gave it to them.

Here's what he told Woodward on 7th of FEBRUARY...

Here's what he tweeted on the 9th of March...

It's not too strong to say that he caused the deaths of thousands. And he continues to do so by pretending this whole thing isn't a big deal anymore while a thousand people are dying every day.

Rick Moranis

I got scared when I saw Rick Moranis was trending, but it turns out, it has a happy if rather odd ending...

Happy Birthday Frank Chance

 From his EveryCubEver listing...

~Frank Chance 1876–1924 (Cubs 1898-1912)

His real name was Frank Chance, but even his teammates called him “The Peerless Leader.” (Sometimes they just shortened it to “PL”). He was the undisputed leader of the best Cubs team in history, the Cubs of the ’00s. With the Peerless Leader at the helm, they won four pennants and two World Series titles. He allowed the boys to have their fun (he usually bought drinks and played cards with them), but in exchange he expected them to shut down the festivities at midnight the night before games, and to play their hardest during the games. He led by example. Anyone who wondered how to perform merely needed to watch the way Chance fiercely defended his turf and teammates. He was known as a brawler, and he was so unafraid in the batter’s box he was beaned more times than any player of his era, and more times than any other Cubs player in history. (Complications from those beanings eventually ended his career, and probably shortened his life). Chance was a fierce competitor. James J. Corbett, heavyweight champ, called him “one of the best amateur fighters I`ve ever seen.” One time he provoked a riot by punching out Giants pitcher Joe McGinnity at the Polo Grounds. Another time he threw a bottle into the stands at fans in Brooklyn. Chance and his double play mates (Tinker and Evers) were inducted into baseball’s Hall of Fame in 1946. Unfortunately for Frank, he had already been dead for 22 years.

The Steakhouse Mints

 Got this message from William Turck (WCGO-AM)

Hey, Cubs fans, we have a treat this Sunday one of 3 great local musical Artists,
The Steak House Mints
. This one is for you!
Now to address the last dying request
Of a Cubs fan who passed and did not live to see
That day in November we’ll always remember
When the W’s topped every flagpole in Wrigley
And we’ll lift up our voices and let out a cheer
And sing all together and drink to our fathers
And to the one’s who couldn’t be here
Hey, hey! Believe it. This is the year.
To Harry and Ernie and Goodman and Moreland
Who left without seeing their boys win it all
To Brickhouse and Santo and each kid out on Waveland
Who waited for one to come over the wall.
And we’ll lift up our voices and let out a cheer
And sing all together and drink to our fathers
And to the one’s who couldn’t be here
Hey, hey! Believe it. This is the year.

Our latest book--Mob Adjacent

This is Jeffrey Gentile, one of the co-authors of our latest book Mob Adjacent. You should really follow him on social media especially facebook and instagram. His handle is mobadjacent. Here's an example of the stuff they regularly post...

American Cities

Monday, September 07, 2020

Lou Brock

Sad news. Lou Brock passed away yesterday. Here is his write-up in EveryCubEver... 


~Lou Brock 1939–2020 (Cubs 1961-1964) It’s not that the Cubs didn’t realize they had a good potential player on their hands. It’s just that they didn’t know how to develop him. Brock came up through the Cubs system during their ill-fated College of Coaches era. Every few weeks Lou was getting different directions. When they traded him in 1964 for a former 20-game winner, there wasn’t much of an uproar in Chicago, but the Cubs players knew their team was making a big mistake. Lou Brock was a six-time All-Star for the Cardinals, led the league in runs scored (twice), doubles, triples, and stolen bases (eight times). He hit over .300 eight times. He retired as the all-time career leader in stolen bases. And most importantly, he retired as a two-time World Series champion. In his first year of eligibility, Lou Brock was elected into baseball’s Hall of Fame. He has more career hits than any other player born in Arkansas. (Photo: Topps 1964 Baseball Card)

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