Saturday, October 19, 2019

Tommy Kaempfer

Can't believe my oldest son is 24 years old today. That sure happened fast.


Hadn't watched a game in two years, but for some reason I turned this one on today to see my alma mater shock the world...

Friday, October 18, 2019

Bobby Del Greco

Lost another ex-Cub this week. RIP Bobby Del Greco. Here's his write-up in "Everycubever"...

~Bobby Del Greco 1933--2019 (Cubs 1957)
Del Greco was a well-traveled veteran. During his nine-year big league career, he played for six different teams. One of those teams (for a portion of the 1957 season) was the Cubs. Del Greco was mainly a center fielder who was known for his ability to cover a lot of ground. He wasn’t much of a hitter (career .229 average), however, so he never really managed to claim a full-time job. With the Cubs he only got into twenty games and hit .200 before the Cubs traded him to the Yankees in September. The Yankees used him to fill in for Mickey Mantle late in games, so the Mick could rest those ailing knees.

A view from across the pond

If you're like me, every day you watch the news and think..."Is this really happening? Why aren't sirens going off in the streets? What must they think of us abroad?"

Well, here's one man's take. It's a little NSFW, but pretty dead on...

Thursday, October 17, 2019

RIP Elijiah Cummings

A class act. A true mensch. Sad to hear about his passing.

His last tweet...

Wednesday, October 16, 2019


Joe Maddon named Angels manager

I wish him well. Mark my words, we will miss him.

Overrated, huh?

The Beatles re-released three singles from the 50th anniversary of Abbey Road, and all three of them are in the top 12 of Billboard's Hot Rock Hits...immediately. Two are George songs.

Liberal Media?

Shari Redstone, currently working on merging CBS and Viacom, is planning on doing a conservative news network to go up against Fox News. The Hollywood Reporter has the news.

This did not come up at our secret liberal media meeting on Monday.

It's almost as if that whole "liberal media" thing is BS, because the people that own the liberal media are all conservative. Someone should write a novel about that. ($everance)

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Grow Old With Me

Not a great version, but I'm a sucker for anything these lads do..

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

If you get five picks, mine are...The Doobies (how are they not in there yet?), Kraftwerk (for innovation and inspiring others), Todd Rundgren (duh), T-Rex (same reason as Kraftwerk), and Thin Lizzy.

If you ignore the "rock and roll" part of the name, I suppose Whitney Houston, Rufus, and Notorious BIG should get some consideration too.

No way on the others.

Great Casting Advice

DVR for Radio

This is actually a pretty exciting technological development. Info courtesy of the RAMP Newsletter...

Entercom today announced the roll-out of RADIO.COM REWIND, an exciting new technology that gives listeners the ability to pause and rewind live radio, enabling users to consume their favorite shows and stations when its most convenient to them. The feature automatically records the broadcast and makes it easy for the user to navigate to their favorite show and begin listening at any point of the broadcast. This new functionality marks the first-ever all-in-one on-demand audio experience for broadcast radio content.

RADIO.COM REWIND unlocks the flexibility to consume broadcast radio content within 24 hours of airing. This feature allows listeners to fast-forward to live content at any time, resume their listening experience from where they left off and select a playback speed up to two times the original speed. In the coming months, users will also be able to share moments of live broadcast radio content for distribution on social media and via email.

Julie Andrews Memoir

People Magazine has a few highlights from Julie Andrews' memoir, "Home Work: A Memoir of My Hollywood Years". It covers the years between 1964 and 1995.

I met in her in 1994. We had a moment. Someone please check the index for me.

Monday, October 14, 2019

A Columbus Day song?

Yes, that's right. A real one. Made the top 100 in 1964. It's the Reflections doing "Just Like Columbus Did"

Sunday, October 13, 2019

Free Kicks--The Sack Race

Which Premier League manager will be fired next? That's one of the topics of this week's Free Kicks. We also talk about which magic words to the ref will get you a yellow card. You may surprised by the answer.

Listen to it here.

Minutia Men--Johns and Johnsons

My old pal Catherine Johns joins us this week for Minutia Men. Please don't blame her for anything that happened before the interview begins. It's slightly NSFW.

Listen to it here.