Saturday, September 18, 2010

Chicago Radio Spotlight: Orion Samuelson

Orion Samuelson is celebrating his 50th anniversary at WGN radio this week. I got a chance to chat with him this week, and that interview is this week's Chicago Radio Spotlight.

You can read it here.

Friday, September 17, 2010

50 years

I had a chance to have a long chat with WGN's Orion Samuelson yesterday. Orion is celebrating his 50th anniversary at WGN next week. An amazing accomplishment.

My interview with Orion will be posted at Chicago Radio Spotlight tomorrow.* Expect some great stories from the man that has met seven presidents.

*For those of you that are really observant, I did say that Alex Quigley was going to be my interview subject this week. That interview will be next week instead.

Jimi Hendrix

He died this week in 1970. The report of his death on ABC, not exactly the most sympathetic report you'll ever see...

He would be 68 years old today.

Hogan's Heroes

45 years ago today, the show that made my dad yell at the TV every time it was on debuted. ("The Germans were not idiots!" is a sample quote from Dad.) I personally thought it was hilarious...


The man they called Sheriff (Blake) was born on this day in 1899.

Read all about his Cubs exploits here.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Road Runner

The very first Road Runner cartoon debuted on this day in 1949. Here it is...


Thirty five years ago today, the Cubs suffered the worst shutout in their history (and that's saying something, believe me.)

The Pittsburgh Pirates annihilated the Cubs 22-0.  Rennie Stennet went 7 for 7 in that game, and scored five runs. Dave Parker and Richie Hebner both homered. Parker had 5 RBI, Hebner had 3, Willie Stargell added another three, and even pitcher John Candelaria knocked in two.

The Pirates did it against the best Cubs pitcher too; Rick Reuschel. Reuschel didn't make it out of the first inning. He gave up six hits, two walks, and eight earned runs. It was the shortest and worst outing of his major league career.

After the loss, the Cubs were fifteen games behind the first place Pirates, firmly entrenched in fifth place. Only the Expos saved the Cubs from finishing in last place that year.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Slow Ride

Released on this day in 1975...

Baseball in September

After last night (White Sox lose and are now 7 games out), baseball is officially dead in Chicago for the season.

But this article in Salon reminds baseball junkies about some of the great stories still going on around the league. For instance, some very interesting feel-good stories about September call ups.

(Thanks to "DE" for pointing it out to me.)

Green Acres

Here's another one I loved. It debuted this day in 1965..."You are my wife, goodbye city life!"

Ethan Allen

Ethan Allen, one of the most successful Cubs of all time, passed away on this day in 1993. He wasn't successful because of his time in the big leagues, he was just a journeyman big leaguer.

His claim to fame occurred after his playing days were over.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


F-Troop debuted on this day in 1965. Loved this show. The "Indians" were particularly hilarious, and of course, not even remotely Native American. It could never be on the air today...


Wildfire Schulte was a superstar member of the Cubs team that was charging toward the World Series exactly one hundred years ago.

He was also celebrating his 28th birthday this week.

Read all about Wildfire here.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Da Bears

The Bears won their opening day game against the Lions yesterday, but for the first time in many years, I didn't even bother watching the game.

I can't remember a time when I was less excited about the Bears, and I've been a die-hard fan for more than forty years now.

By the way, I've seen that replay of the last play, and the Lions were robbed.

Rhinestone Cowboy

It was the #1 song in this country thirty five years ago today. I must admit, it's one of those songs that gets in your head and won't leave. If you don't want that to happen, don't watch the 1975 video.

Lennie Merullo

On this day in history Lennie Merullo set a record by committing four errors in one inning.

He could have easily played for this year's team.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Father Knows Nothing

My latest Father Knows Nothing is posted at NWI Parent. This one is called "Home Movies."

You can read it here.