Thursday, January 10, 2019

Let's Just Write!

Pretty excited about the upcoming Writer's Conference "Let's Just Write". I'm part of a panel of small publishers who may have a chance to meet that next great writer. Submit the first chapter of your novel to be read and critiqued by a publisher on our Small Press Panel. Four winning entries will be chosen. Mail your first chapter as an attachment (Word document with no name, only the title) with the subject line Publisher First Chapter to Oh, and sign up for the conference. Last year's was a blast!

Sign up here.

John Lassiter

The first comeback of the Hollywood-types swept out by the #metoo moment.

The former head of Pixar, who was forced out after reports of unwanted touching, is back. He will be the CEO of Skydance...with contract provisions, of course.

Variety has the details.

Rod Stewart

Today is Rod Stewart's 74th birthday. There's a great story about Rod in Mitch Michael's book "Doin' the Cruise" involving the accidental discovery of "Maggie Mae" and Mitch's inadvertant role in that process. That story alone is worth the price of admission for "Doin the Cruise"

Wednesday, January 09, 2019

Dave & Mancow

On this day in 2013, the David Stern "Balding Handbook" publicity tour stopped at Mancow's television show in the Fox complex on Michigan Avenue. Now that Mancow is back on the air (at WLS Radio, 890 AM) it's probably time to bring back Dave for a spiritual balding experience. Don't you think, Mancow?

Jam Productions

This is kind of a surprise, via Radio Online...

Jam Productions co-founder Arny Granat has announced he'll depart the company after 46 years. Co-founder Jerry Mickelson will continue to manage the daily operations. Granat will remain the CEO and Founder of Grand Slam Productions where he continues to explore new opportunities.

Arny Granat commented, "Over the past four decades, I have enjoyed a career that has allowed me to work with some of the biggest stars on the most memorable concerts, including the Rolling Stones, Adele, Prince and Frank Sinatra, as well as awe inspiring theater productions, and other unforgettable events. I am looking forward to producing and promoting shows throughout the country in association with other partners and collaborators."

He is still producing shows (and writing a book), but he'll no longer be doing it with Jam. Arny is a Chicago institution. I wish him the best.

Tuesday, January 08, 2019

The King

On a cold and gray Chicago morn, happy 84th birthday to the King...

Jeanne Bellezzo

You probably knew that today Elvis Presley's and David Bowie's birthday, but did you realize it's also the birthday of Eckhartz Press author Jeanne Bellezzo (Rantings of a Bitter Childless Woman)? Lordamighty, Let's Dance...Happy birthday Jeanne!

(Her book is here.)

Spanish Bears

I don't understand Spanish, yet I understand every word...

Chet Coppock in Orland

Chet Coppock is making an appearance on Thursday, January 10th, in Orland Park!

Details are here if you are interested.

Monday, January 07, 2019

Hall of Fame Edition on Kindle!

We've gotten a ton of requests for this, so here it is! John Landecker's updated Hall of Fame edition of "Records Truly Is My Middle Name" is now available on Kindle! We threw in an extra new chapter about John's college graduation last year!

Check it out here.

New Face at WLIT

From this morning's RAMP Newsletter...

We are sending our belated best wishes to Mick Lee, PD/afternoon personality at iHeartMedia AC WLIT (93.9 Lite FM)/Chicago and his lovely wife, Claire Scattergood Lee, who became proud parents again during the holidays -- daughter Maren Jacqueline Lee was born at 11:45pm on Dec. 26, 2018, weighing in at 7lbs 5oz and spanning 20 inches.

Congrats to the family.

Bohemian Rhapsody

Surprise winner in the Golden Globes last night. The Hollywood Reporter sums up the moment nicely this way...

“That was unexpected,” producer Graham King himself admitted while accepting the award for Fox’s Bohemian Rapsody, which managed to defeat such highly touted contenders as A Star Is Born and Black Panther. Joined onstage by Queen band members Brian May and Roger Taylor, he continued, “The power of movies is that it brings us all together — Freddie Mercury and Queen did that so successfully by their music.” Just moments earlier, Rami Malek earned the first Golden Globe of his career for his performance as Mercury. “Thank you, Freddie Mercury, for giving me the joy of a lifetime,” he proclaimed.

One of Fox News' 3 Actual Journalists Interviews Sarah Sanders

And look at her eyes in this's a 'hey this is Fox News, where are the softballs?' look isn't it?

Da Bears

So...I was at my son's soccer game. 4th quarter. Bears fall behind 16-15, less than a minute left. The soccer game is starting, so I leave the TV in the lobby of the complex to watch my son, but I'm following Bears game on my every other parent there. I jokingly quip, "Bears will take this into field goal range, and the kicker will hit the goalpost." Laughs all around. When it actually happens, I'm the devil.