Saturday, May 08, 2021

RIP Tawny Kitaen

She was only 59. I contacted her a few months ago and we were in negotiation about her appearing on Minutia Men Celebrity Interview. That's obviously not going to happen now. In the 90s she was married to Angels pitcher Chuck Finley. In the 80s, she was the one on the rooftop of Whitesnake's car (when she was married to David Coverdale), and for me most memorably portrayed Tom Hanks' fiance in Bachelor Party.

RIP Lloyd Price

One of the all-time greats...

Friday, May 07, 2021

I love this story on every level

Ted Cruz

Memo to Ted Cruz: Never rip a show that has an entire staff of comedy writers.

Minutia Men Celebrity Interview

Free Kicks

Mickey Doolin

Tuesday, May 04, 2021

Kent State

Listen to our interview here of the man who took that iconic photo, John Filo.

Ted Turner

Monday, May 03, 2021

Minutia Men

Piano Legs



 MAY 3RD, 2021

~George Gore 1854–1933 (White Stockings 1879-1886)
Gore had one of the greatest nicknames of all-time; they called him Piano Legs. George was the centerfielder for the Cubs (then known as the White Stockings) during the team’s longest period of excellence. During Gore’s eight seasons, the team won the championship four times, including three years in a row (1880-1882). Piano Legs won a batting title (1880), hit over .300 six times, led the league in runs twice (1881-1882), and walks three times (’82, ’84, ’86), and still holds the club record most steals in a game (7). But George was also known as a big drinker and hell raiser off the field, and ran into constant conflict with team manager/captain Cap Anson. After the 1886 season, when some of the “drunks” on the team didn’t play up to their abilities in the World Series against St. Louis, Gore was shipped off to New York. (The others soon followed) In Anson’s book (which came out in 1900) he said that he saw Gore years later, and that his life had been ruined by “wine and women.”

Cocktails and Conversation

In case you missed it...