Monday, December 23, 2019

Lossano & Friends

Our producer Tony Lossano gets a shout out in today's Robert Feder column...

Tony Lossano, host and producer of “Lossano and Friends” and “Nude Hippo: The Podcast,” will celebrate Christmas morning with a one-hour spectacular gathering a dozen hosts of shows produced by the Radio Misfits Podcast Network for Joining him at the Museum of Broadcast Communications will be: Steve Baskerville and Howard Sudberry of “Back 2 You”; Rick Kaempfer and Dave Stern of “Minutia Men/Minutia Men Celebrity Interview”; Marc Vernon of “The Car Guys Report”; Ed Silha of Radio Misfits Podcast Network; Tommy Mallie, Kimmy Spoons, Samuel Greenberg, Chris Cwiak and Michael Garay of “Lossano and Friends”; and Evie Olson of “Grape Insights.” Added Lossano: “I will be the Fahey Flynn holding the bow-tie shaped holiday cookies.”