Thursday, April 13, 2023

From the Eckhartz Bookshelf: The Daly News

  With over 80 books in our library, this year we're taking some time every week to highlight one of the books on the Eckhartz bookshelf. This week's book is The Daly News by Joel Daly. Joel is a legend in Chicago, and this book garnered a lot of attention when we released it in 2014. It was one of the books that put our little press on the map.

Joel Daly is a Chicago icon.

*He was a television news reporter. In that role he interviewed the likes of Martin Luther King Jr., Governor George Wallace, accused murderer (and inspiration for “The Fugitive”) Sam Sheppard, and even the Beatles.

*He was a television news anchor. In that role he helped create the Eyewitness News brand, wrote and delivered daily commentaries during the incredible tumult of the late 60s and early 70s, and along with fellow legendary anchor Fahey Flynn, anchored Chicago’s top rated newscast.

*He was a actor and performer. As a young man he appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show, and as a not-quite-as-young-man recently appeared as Howard Beale in a stage version of “Network”.

*He was a pilot. He built his own airplane from scratch, later flew it, and even went wing-walking.

*He was a country music star. His band Joel Daly and the Sundowners appeared all over the Chicago area for years. Joel wowed the audience with his yodeling abilities.

*He was an attorney. He went back to law school in his 50s, and became a prominent lawyer in Chicago, recently retiring after more than twenty years practicing law.

Joel Daly is Chicago’s very own Renaissance Man. In this second edition of “The Daly News”, he tells all those stories and more.