Monday, July 14, 2008

Monday Musings

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Joke of the Week: Contributed by "T"

An archaeological team, digging in Washington DC, has uncovered 10,000 year old bones and fossil remains of what is believed to be the first Republican...

Stories you might have missed

1. Man tries to rob bar with a cheese grater

(Read the comments under the article. Hilarious. H/T to Steve Rhodes at the Beachwood Reporter)

2. Baseball's Best Mustaches

(Um...that's what you call outright thievery. Who else has been doing mustache jokes since January?)

3. Jesse Jackson says he wants to cut Obama's nuts off

(The video is available here...Hey Jesse! You were at Fox. That little thing attached to your lapel is a microphone. Even if you whisper they can hear you.)

4. Anchors/Reporters struggle with Jesse's words
(This is funny. Watch the video of these guys trying to say 'nuts' without saying 'nuts')

5. Woman overpowers thief with tea and sympathy

(Works every time. Ladies, carry some in your purses.)

Video of the week: Drunk Referee. Contributed by "P"

Photo of the week: Billboards for old people. Contributed by "T"


Regarding Just One Bad Century

"As a Cubs fan and, obviously, a mustache purveyor, I was thrilled to find your site today. Very nicely done.
Aaron Perlut
Executive Directore
The American Mustache Institute
(877) STACHE-1
"...a mustache is a terrible thing to shave"

"Dirt--great nickname and great mustache. It's two for Tuesday!"

"Hi, Rick - Technically, I'm not a die-hard Cubs fan, but my mother is (born in 1932 - raised in Chicago, but came out to live in SF - but all of our Chicago-Naperville cousins somehow became White Sox fans - go figure). Anyway, it was one of our White-Sox fan cousins who mentioned this website back in early May when my mother went back to visit - and though I cannot make your website my homepage (sorry, there are other business interests that I just HAVE to look at first), JOBC is now prominent in my FAVORITE sites."