Friday, January 09, 2009

That's our governor!

Today's piece in the Sun-Times about our beloved governor was something else. Just when you think this guy can't shock you...

A former senior advisor to Blagojevic wrote about his former boss to the impeachment panel. And I quote...
"Arya described Blagojevich as “a good father and a great guy to go to a ballgame with” but an ineffective, emotionally unstable chief executive.

“I would respectfully suggest this committee seek an independent psychological evaluation of the governor as part of this process,” Arya wrote to the impeachment panel. “I believe Rod, the committee and the people of this great state would benefit from such a move. It is clear to anyone who has been around him that there is ample cause for such an extraordinary request.”

So proud of our state. So very very proud.