Tuesday, September 04, 2012

WGN Gives Studio to Museum

The old WGN studio that once was home to Wally Phillips, Bob Collins and Spike O'Dell has been dismantled, and will be given to the Museum of Broadcasting. (Robert Feder has the details).

I know that they have a brand new studio now, and that the showcase studio on Michigan Avenue will still be used, but I've been a guest on WGN about a dozen times over the last eight years, and I even worked there briefly as a producer during that time, and that old studio was my favorite one.

In my twenty plus years in radio that was the biggest and most impressive studio I have ever seen. There must have been fifteen working microphones that were hooked up and ready to go for each broadcast. It was impossible to sit in that studio and not think you were participating in something important.

To me, even the showcase studio wasn't as impressive. It was shiny and all, but it wasn't historic and dramatic. My last time on WGN was in January (on Rick Kogan's show), and that was the last time I was in the old studio.

I guess the next time I see it, I'll have to pay for the privilege.