Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Media Spotlight--March 12

Every weekday in 2014, I'll be keeping an eye on what's happening in the media. My focus will be on some of my favorite subjects...the moguls, the pundits, the broadcast news biz, show business, and the publishing business. (Read "$everance" if you want a crystallization of my positions on those subjects.) And, of course, I'll also keep tabs on Chicago's media.

Chicago Media

~Joel Daly returns to Channel 7
I was there with him yesterday and filed this report for Eckhartz Press. It has video, photos, and commentary.

~Rick Vaughn Out in Philly
This surprising news about the former program director of Kiss-FM in Chicago comes from the RAMP Newsletter...
After less than a month of occupying the PD chair at Beasley Rhythmic WRDW (Wired 96.5)/Philadelphia, Rick Vaughn and station management have mutually parted company. In a brief statement, Vaughn told RAMP, "I want to thank Beasley for this opportunity and I look forward to my next programming challenge." Needless to say, no replacement has been named yet

The Moguls

~The Vultures Are Circling Disney's Bob Iger
He'll be stepping down in two years, but the Disney CEO can already see the vultures circling, angling, preparing to swoop down and take over for him. Among the candidates listed in this New York Post (I know, I know) piece, is Facebook's Sherly Sandberg.

~As the Rupert Turns
The stageplay about the most famous media mogul in America debuts in Washington tonight. The Australian press previews the show.

~How over-the-top is the Time Warner/Comcast merger?
Rival media executives (all of whom have argued for less regulation of media companies) are even saying it's a bit ridiculous. It's that ridiculous.

The Pundits

~The Fallout from Obama's Two Ferns Interview
Heads exploded at Fox News after President Obama appeared in a comedy bit on Funny or Die, but it did exactly what he hoped it would do. The link is to an article at the Washington Post which analyzes the traffic it directed to the Obamacare exchanges. That's why he did it. It was a success.

The Journalists

We can make fun of the puffed-up pundits that appear on cable television, but in the real world of journalism, professionals are risking their lives to let us know what is really happening in the world. We lost a few of those heroes this week.

~Men's Journal reporter Matthew Power dies in Uganda
He was covering the story of a man who was walking the length of the Nile.

~Swedish Radio Correspondent Nils Horner Killed in Afghanistan
The British journalist was killed in an execution-style attack in Kabul's diplomatic district.