Friday, December 12, 2014

Come Out to the Billy Goat Tonight!

Very excited about our book signing tonight. If you swing by the original Billy Goat between 5-7pm, you can meet Rock and Roll Hall of Famer John Landecker, Broadcasting Icon and 38-year ABC Channel 7 anchor Joel Daly, and the nicest man in Chicago television history--Rich King from WGN-TV. Oh, and me too. All of us will have our books there to sell and sign, and all of them make perfect holiday gifts for at least one person on your list. (I'm hearing that The Balding Handbook's David Stern will be there too, and Wrigley usher/author Bruce Bohrer too. It's an author smorgasbord!)'s at the Billy Goat at dinner time. I recommend the double cheesborger with (no fries) chips and a (no coke) Pepsi. It's also happy hour, and last time I checked, they do serve happy beverages too. See you there!