Thursday, June 11, 2015

Is the Golden Age of Advertising Over?

That seems to be the conclusion of this piece from today's Radio Ink...

This year, online media moved to the top of the local media food chain, taking the largest share of ad budgets of any other media. It was a position held by newspapers since 1704. Borrell says over the next 12 months, the gap will almost certainly widen to the point that all traditional advertising channels — print, broadcast, outdoor and mail — begin to look like niche support mechanisms to a local businesses’ digital marketing plan. "We are clearly at the end of Golden Age of Advertising. Both the present and future belong to digital and the targeting capabilities it offers. We are witnessing the dawn of the Golden Age of Geomarketing. It’s a complicated environment, but the good news is that millions of local businesses are in need of marketing leadership. Their digital savviness is lacking, as we outline in this report, and they yearn for someone with a marketing plan that makes sense of it all."

Wow. That's not a tremor, that's a full-fledged earthquake.