Thursday, September 03, 2015

Trump vs. Kareem

Donald Trump responded to a critical editorial by Kareem Abdul Jabaar in his usual way. Kareem posted Trump's response, a handwritten note that basically says everyone hates Kareem.

I'm beginning to admire the simplicity of Trump's responses. It's a mixture of high school mean girl (you're ugly and nobody likes you), school yard mean boy (you're a puss), and prep school spoiled brat (I can buy and sell you and my daddy will ruin your daddy).

Has anyone ever really come up with a good way to combat that? You can punch the mean boy, but the prep school spoiled brat will sue you. You can personally insult the mean girl, but she is better at personal insults and will destroy you. You can ostracize the spoiled brat, but then he'll throw a party with the Rolling Stones, and your friends will say "You know I'm on your side...but he does have the Rolling Stones at his house."

No one has ever run for office completely abandoning the rules of adulthood before. It could work.