Thursday, December 17, 2015

Elton Jim

When Garry Meier announced he was coming back with an internet show in January (along with Leslie Keiling), he didn't say anything about his former sidekick/cohort "Elton" Jim Turano. Turns out there was a good reason for that, which Jim mentioned on his facebook page this morning...

Since Garry Meier this week publicly announced his new plans, I have received a host of inquiries from listeners asking if I am involved in this new venture. I am not. The fact is, earlier this year, Garry professionally parted ways with me. It was handled in a professional manner. No fireworks. No harsh words. No ill will. Just a change in creative direction, which a Hall of Fame broadcaster like Garry Meier has every right to make. It was a reality I had to accept. Therefore, when our contracts expired in October, I began to pursue new radio opportunities on my own.

If you’re disappointed we won’t be working together, you can add me to the list. When the show we did was removed, it was extremely popular thanks to a legion of loyal listeners, and it was hitting a new creative stride. But Garry certainly has earned the right and respect to take whatever creative path he chooses. I am proud to have worked with him for six years, and to have helped create consistently fun, entertaining, and memorable radio. I thank him for the enormous opportunity he gave me and I wish him luck in the future.

My future is taking the lessons I learned from Garry and moving forward, which -- at least for the next couple of weeks -- includes doing some fill-in work at WGN Radio on December 20 and 28, and January 1, all from 2am – 5am. I guarantee it will be fun, informative, and unique radio that will be well worth staying up for – I hope you’ll join me!