Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Worst Case Scenario

The new FCC Chairman is going to do some very bad things. He's going to relax the ownership rules, which will lead to another media spending frenzy, which will further destroy my former business--radio. But much worse than that--he's going after Net Neutrality. From the New York Times...

In his first days as President Trump’s pick to lead the Federal Communications Commission, Ajit Pai has aggressively moved to roll back consumer protection regulations created during the Obama presidency. Mr. Pai took a first swipe at net neutrality rules designed to ensure equal access to content on the internet. He stopped nine companies from providing discounted high-speed internet service to low-income individuals. He withdrew an effort to keep prison phone rates down, and he scrapped a proposal to break open the cable box market. In total, as the chairman of the F.C.C., Mr. Pai released about a dozen actions in the last week, many buried in the agency’s website and not publicly announced, stunning consumer advocacy groups and telecom analysts.

These are actions that literally NOBODY WANTS except the big telecoms and the lobbyists and pundits paid by them. Drain the swamp, my ass.