Monday, July 03, 2017

Look Who Is In the Hall of Fame!

This news broke while I was out of town, and I couldn't have been happier to hear it. John Records Landecker is in the National Radio Hall of Fame!

Love this quote in the article... "Thanks to everybody who listened to me, everybody who worked with me and everybody who married me.”

Then I read this blurb in Robert Feder's column and realized that John and I were going to be working hard on the new edition of the book.

The acclaimed autobiography of radio legend John Records Landecker is being reissued to coincide with his induction in the National Radio Hall of Fame. Records Truly Is My Middle Name, first published in 2013, is tentatively set for re-release October 23. As announced this week, Landecker will enter the Chicago-based shrine honoring radio’s greatest stars on November 2. Branded as a limited “Radio Hall of Fame edition,” it will include new photos and Landecker’s reflections since he quit WLS FM 94.7 in 2015, according to David Stern, co-founder and publisher of Eckhartz Press. “This is a perfect opportunity for us to publish all the stories John forgot to include in the first one,” he said. Stern’s partner in Eckhartz Press is Rick Kaempfer, who served as producer of Landecker’s morning show on WJMK FM 104.3 and co-wrote the book.

That work begins today...