Wednesday, May 08, 2024

Studio Walls--May 8, 2024


A weekly update/preview of my latest podcasts, and a look back at some of my previous audio work from this week in history over the past 40+ years.

Here are a few from the archives...

May 5, 1989—Field of Dreams debuts

=Dad, would you like to have a catch? Our Dwier Brown interview 

May 5, 2016--The Minutia Men Podcast debuts 

=That's right, this is our 8th anniversary. That's a lot of minutiae. 

May 6, 1998

=Kerry Wood strikes out 20 batters in a game, setting a record. I was there and told the story in this episode of Minutia Men

May 7, 1898—Watford Football Club debuts 

=Happy 126th birthday to Watford, a reminder to listen to Free Kicks with Adam & Rick.

May 8, 2015—Rick appears on Lossano & Friends

=I ended up telling my Larry Lujack story

May 8, 1993—First Matt Foley sketch on SNL

=We had the real Matt Foley (Farley's college buddy) on the show. 

May 9—Danny Rapp of Danny & The Juniors birthday. 

=The Rascals leader Felix Cavaliere got his start in Danny's band, and told us that story in this episode of Minutia Men Celebrity Interview.  

May 10—Bono’s birthday. 

=Irish actress Amy Shiels (Twin Peaks) was on the show, and we swapped Bono stories.  

May 11--Minutia Men release 50th episode (2017). 

=In April we just released our 350th. Time flies.