Monday, November 22, 2010

Weird Cub Vibe

I know some people wondered if Larry Rothschild had nude photos of Jim Hendry, considering that he has survived through all of these managerial regimes, despite the pitching staff not exactly tearing it up. And because he had another year left on his contract, I don't know anybody that saw this coming.

Larry Rothschild left the Cubs to take a job with the Yankees.

I was at a party with friends last night (nearly all of whom are Cub fans), and this was a big topic of conversation. Doesn't it feel like something isn't quite right with the Cubs?

They bypassed their Hall of Famer to hire Mike Quade. They have made ZERO player moves. The payroll will be cut. Their pitching coach left the team. The owner is saying that he needs the state to bail him out. The Cubs convention is not sold out.

At the end of last year I went to three different games, and the left field bleachers were empty all three times.

Despite my initial excitement about this new ownership, I have a funny feeling we're heading toward another PK Wrigley era. And let me tell you youngsters, that was NOT a good era for the Cubs. (I know, I know--when were the good eras for the Cubs? But in a century of bad eras--the PK Wrigley era was the worst.)

Buckle up, Cub fans. I suspect we're in for a few really bad years.