Friday, November 06, 2015

A Call I Never Received

The one glaring hole in my radio producer resume is that I was never able to book a sitting President of the United States. I spent seven years trying to book Bill Clinton to no avail, and spoke to his press secretary a number of times, but that's as close as I got.

The listeners in Kansas City this morning, however, are hearing an exclusive radio interview with President Obama. How did that happen? The explanation comes from Radio Online...

Becker was invited to the White House by Josh Earnest, a fellow Kansas City native. The focus of the President's interview was on open enrollment of the Affordable Care Act, and also included questions on the economy, as well as the World Series Champion Kansas City Royals.

"It's not every day that you get a call from the White House, asking if you can be in Washington the next day," said Becker. "With the current political landscape, the importance of so many issues affecting Kansas Citians, along with the honor of interviewing a sitting President, who could say no!"

Now that's a call I never received. Doggone it.