Friday, July 08, 2016

The story behind the story

This Roger Ailes sexual harrassment suit has got legs (no pun intended), and people at Fox News are getting a little freaked out.

In the first place, the response by Ailes and Fox News was inexplicably tardy and delayed, even if the eventual response was predictable. (They claim Carlson is seeking retribution for getting fired, and that she was fired for bad ratings--something that is pretty easy to rebut, by the way)

But the real odd response was that all the usual outlets (including Fox News) weren't used to defend Ailes as they usually are. Instead, they pretended like nothing happened.

That's a giant red flag. Fox News believes in one approach, and one approach only. Scorched earth. If they aren't using that approach, Ailes isn't making the call. If Ailes isn't making the call...somebody is very nervous about this lawsuit.

Read the first link in this post. It sounds like Carlson may even have this on tape. If she does, yowza. It also sounds like a dam could burst about other women at the network, and what they have gone through. One anonymous producer basically admits she accepted a job there with sexual strings...just because she needed the job.

Keep an eye on this story. It could get very interesting.