Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Publishing Portal--February 20, 2024

The latest news from Eckhartz Press, and a chance to peek into some of the great previous offerings from our humble little publishing company.

Happy birthday Michael Jordan!

=The greatest player in basketball history appears in three different Eckhartz Press books. When he turned 61 this past weekend, we imagined him perusing the pages of Behind The Glass by Randy MerkinSignature Shoes by Ryan Trembath and Your Dime, My Dance Floor by Chet Coppock. This photo is in Chet's book...

*The Loop Files

=Don't forget to mark this date on your calendar. Dangerous Dan McNeil has also been added to the show...

*The Daly News

=This was the week in 2014 when Joel Daly began making the rounds to promote his book The Daly News. The book got a great review from Robert Feder. And then Joel appeared on the WGN-TV Morning News.

Records Truly is My Middle Name

=Two of the most memorable stories in John Landecker's memoir Records Truly Is My Middle Name involve two men who are both celebrating a birthday this week, Dennis DeYoung (Styx) and John Travolta. Dennis tells the tale about the first time he heard his song "Lady" on the radio. It was played by John Landecker on WLS. Dennis really paints a picture of the excitement of the moment. But probably the best story in the book revolves around a John Landecker/John Travolta appearance at Woodfield Mall. It's captured here on tape. It's captured below in a photograph.

Ike & Me

=This week in 2016, Rich King joined the Chicago Blackhawks at the White House as they visited President Obama. This photo from that day (with fellow sportscaster Jim Rose) appears in the pages of Rich's 2022 memoir Ike & Me.

City U

=This week in 2022, with the pandemic still not fully contained, Bob Boone made an appearance at The Book Stall in Winnetka. Masks were still required.

Behind The Glass

=This week in 2022, Randy Merkin also made an appearance in Homewood, Illinois to promote his book. A few photos are here. Former Bears receiver Tom Waddle, who is celebrating a birthday this week, had this to say about Randy...“Randy is an incredible radio talent. His vast knowledge of the business and bottomless pool of contacts are unmatched. I’ve learned a lot about the business from Randy. His talent is only exceeded by his loyalty and integrity. Randy is the best!!!”

=You know who else loves Randy? Another person celebrating a birthday this week. A man who rates his own chapter in Behind the Glass, Charles Barkley (shown below with Randy).

Signature Shoes

=This week in 2022 was a busy one, because Ryan Trembath also released the audiobook version of his book Signature Shoes. You can find it here. 


=Randy Richardson and Becky Sarwate interviewed comedian/actor Ike Barinholtz for their Eckhartz Press book Cubsessions. Ike tells the story of his love for his hometown Cubs. Happy birthday Ike! (Feb 18)

The Living Wills

=This week in 2012, Rick and Brendan did a presentation about using improv techniques to write. You can see a little bit of that here. One big fan of the book, CSI star William Petersen is celebrating a birthday this week (Feb 21). This is what he had to say about Eckhartz Press's debut release...…a hell of an old-fashioned read. It brings to life ‘the city of broad shoulders’ and makes me homesick. I want a Billy Goat cheesborger and a shot of whiskey.

 Hugh Hefner's First Funeral

=This week in 2017, Pat Colander appeared on Dave Hoekstra's radio show on WGN Radio.

 Father Knows Nothing

This week in 2015, Rick Kaempfer appeared on WBEZ's Morning Shift program to discuss his book Father Knows Nothing with Jason Marck. You can listen to it here.