Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Studio Walls--February 21, 2024


A weekly update/preview of my latest podcasts, and a look back at some of my previous audio work from this week in history over the past 40+ years.

The most recent episode of Minutia Men is called A Chipmunk's Impeachment. You can listen to it here. 

The most recent Minutia Men Celebrity Interview is with notorious undecided voter Ken Bone.

The most recent episode of Free Kicks is called Blue Cards and Studio Hijinks

Here are some others from the archives

*February 18--Dennis DeYoung birthday

=I told the story of my brush with Dennis in this episode of Minutia Men.  

*February 18, 1998—Harry Caray dies

=I shared my favorite Harry Caray moment on YouTube a few years ago, and it has over 1.3 million views.  

*February 18-- John Travolta birthday

=My brush with Travolta is recounted on this episode of Minutia Men.  

*February 18—Yoko Ono birthday 

=Yes I met Yoko. Yes I have audio. Haven't shared that story yet. Will it be on this week's episode? Hmmm.

*February 18—Dr. Dre birthday 

=Tommy Chong was on our podcast and told us a memorable story about his interaction with Dr. Dre.

*February 19, 2016—Rich King visits the White House with the Blackhawks

=He told us that story on this episode of Minutia Men Celebrity Interview.

*February 19--Lou Christie birthday

=Lou wrote the song "Lightning Strikes" in the 60s. He also had a memorable encounter with yours truly at an Oldies show in the 90s. You can hear that story here.


*February 19, 1980—Survivor releases “Rebel Girl” as a single. 

=When I told the man who wrote it, Jim Peterik, how much I loved the song, he played it for me.

*February 19, 1996—Rick and Bridget 's first night away from baby Tommy

=John Landecker played a game on the air called: Rick & Bridget Hi-Low/How many times did they call to check on Tommy. I haven't played the audio of that on Minutia Men yet. Will this be the week? Hmmm. 

*February 19, 1910—Old Trafford opens 

It's the home stadium of Manchester United, a stadium discussed frequently on Free Kicks.

*February 20, 1992—Premier League founded

=This is what Free Kicks is all about.

*February 20—Louanne Stephens birthday. 

=We spoke to the star of Friday Night Lights on this episode of Minutia Men Celebrity Interview

*February 21—William Petersen birthday

=I told the story of my brush with the great Chicago actor on this episode of Minutia Men. 

*February 21—Amy Shiels birthday

=The star of Twin Peaks appeared on Minutia Men Celebrity interview last year.

*February 21--Ross Bennett birthday

=A very funny comedian. He shared his prostate material with us. 

*February 21--Adam Greenberg birthday

=One of the most memorable Cubs stories in Cubs history. He tells it quite dramatically. 

*February 21—Hayley Orrantia birthday

=She stars on The Goldbergs and has a thriving musical career. She tells us about both in this episode of Minutia Men Celebrity Interview.

*February 21, 1966—"Good Lovin" released by the Rascals

=We talked to their lead singer, Felix Cavalieri about that song and the other great hits by the Rascals on Minutia Men Celebrity Interview.

*February 21, 2022—Minutia Men debuts Instagram account

=Dave and I try to navigate this brave new world on this episode. We still have less than 400 followers. Not where our people hang out.

*February 22--Jeri Ryan birthday

=The Star Trek Voyager star had a memorable role in my radio career. I told that story in this episode.

February 22—Jonathan Demme birthday. 

=Dan Butler was in his masterpiece film, Silence of the Lambs. He told us all about it in this episode.  

February 24—Steve Jobs birthday

=We talked to one of his original business partners, Ronald Wayne.  

February 24—Steve Moore birthday

=Who is he? He's known as the Mad Drummer. Want to know why? Listen to this.