Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Studio Walls--May 15, 2024


A weekly update/preview of my latest podcasts, and a look back at some of my previous audio work from this week in history over the past 40+ years.

This week's Minutia Men podcast is entitled, "Dad, wanna have a catch?"

This week's Free Kicks is called "Madrid Magic"

Here are a few from the archives...

May 12, 1955—Sam Jones No-Hitter

=We have the audio from that day here.   

May 12, 1970—Ernie Banks hits his 500th homer.

=The audio & video of that are here.

May 12, 1996—Bridget’s first Mothers Day

=We have the audio of her on John Landecker's show talking about that day. Will we play it this week on the podcast?

May 12, 2014—WGN Walk of Fame unveiled.

=This has become a bit of a joke because WGN moved their studios, and then removed the walk of fame from the sidewalk outside the old studio. Nick D came on our podcast to make fun of it. 

May 13--Mark Giangreco birthday

=Here's the interview we did with him shortly after he left television. 

May 13, 1930—Schick gets patent for first electric razor. 

=Actor Jonathan Stoddard explained to us how to use an electric razor to get that 4-day growth look. 

May 14, 2000—Mothers Day

=Johnny Kaempfer sings Happy Mothers Day. He was 2. Will we play the audio this week on the show?

May 14, 2004—Geico Caveman ad premieres

=John Lehr was that original caveman, and he appeared on our show to talk about it.  

May 14, 1998—Frank Sinatra dies. 

=Tom Dreesen was one of his pall-bearers and he talked to us about that.

May 14, 1907—Johnny Moss birthday. 

=Who is Johnny Moss, you ask? Well, he was the first World Series of Poker winner (1970). We talked to one of his proteges, Tristan Wade 

May 15--Richard J. Daley birthday.

=Shermann Dilla Thomas talked to us about him and his relationship with the crime bosses of Chicago at that time.

May 15, 1960—Don Cardwell no-hitter.

=Yes, of course we have the audio and video. 

May 17, 1934—Ronald Wayne birthday

=Ronald once owned 10% of Apple. You don't want to know what he sold it for. He told us the story in this episode. 

May 18, 1882—Burnley Football Club formed 

=Just another reminder to listen to Free Kicks with Adam & Rick.