Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Snow Grillin'

From this morning's RAMP Newsletter...

As the Midwest was getting bombarded with a mountain of snow yesterday, one hearty radio exec walked outside, looked skyward, laughed -- and fired up the grill. We're talking about our new favorite GM Scott Kosak, who runs NextMedia Classic Hits WERV (95.9 The River) in the beautiful Chicago suburb of Naperville, IL...Kosak looks at inclement weather as just another excuse to barbeque -- instead of closing up shop, he heads outside and cooks burgers and brats for the entire staff! "Being a suburban station, we're blessed with enough space to stretch out a little bit," Kosak tells RAMP. "The kettle grill is always parked alongside the garage and we keep a stock of charcoal and lighter fluid on hand, just in case."

I grilled last night too. Made some chicken enchiladas. What's nine or ten inches of snow to us hearty Midwesteners?