Thursday, March 07, 2013

Sears & SNL

SNL did a bit a few weeks ago starring Christopher Waltz, the Academy Award winning actor from Quintin Tarantino movies. They called it "DJesus Uncrossed", and it's being protested by Christian groups across the country because they consider it blasphemous. (It feaures Jesus seeking revenge).

Now Sears is in the crosshairs of the AFA (American Family Association), which is demanding they pull their advertising from SNL. You can be sure this controversy will be on the air continuously at Fox News--it fits into their "Christians are persecuted in the United States" narrative.

That's not true of course. If you're a Christian (as I am), ask yourself this question: Have you ever been discrimated against for being a Christian? We all know the answer to that. No. You haven't. This is probably the most religious Christian country in the entire world.

DJesus Uncrossed was just a comedy bit. I have done a comedy bit myself on the Second City stage called "Dean Martin's Jesus Christ Roast" (I was Red Buttons). You may say those bits are a little tasteless, and I agree, but in comedy the only thing that really matters is: Is it funny? That's all comedy writers think about. They are not trying to persecute Christians. You know it, and I know it, and the AFA knows it.

Now, if you're offended, and I can see how you might be, there's nothing wrong with getting upset, or even protesting the sponsors. Just don't tell me this is an example of Christian persecution (I can hear it perculating), because it's not.