Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Why Isn't Fox News Disciplining Bill O'Reilly?

When sexual harrassment lawsuits need to be paid off, most employers would discipline the employee causing those lawsuits. Most serial harrassers would probably be fired. But here's the rub for the bosses at Fox News. From today's TV Newser...

This was Fox News’s 13th straight week at No. 1 in total day. The four episodes that Bill O’Reilly hosted were the top 4 cable news shows last week. (He doesn’t host on Fridays.)

If advertisers keep fleeing, those ratings might not matter, but I doubt it. The numbers keep the shows around him up too, which also effects the advertising dollars. Let's see. The bottom line for Rupert Murdoch is always the bottom line. He literally cares about nothing else.