Thursday, March 14, 2019

Felix Pie

My book "everycubever" is coming out in April and will feature mini-bios of every Cub who ever played, including the most appropriate Cub to post on Pi Day (3/14). Felix Pie...

~Felix Pie 1985-- (Cubs 2007-2008)
Felix was supposed to be the next big star in Chicago, a five-tool outfielder with dazzling talent. Like Corey Patterson before him, Pie never quite put it together. The Cubs handed him in the starting center field job in 2008, but he lost it by May. Chicago signed Jim Edmonds and sent Felix back to the minors. One thing many male Cubs fans will never forget about Pie is an injury he suffered during his time with the Cubs. It was called “testicular torsion” or twisted testicle. Some of us still have nightmares. The Cubs traded Felix to the Orioles in 2009.