Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Studio Walls--June 12, 2024


A weekly update/preview of my latest podcasts, and a look back at some of my previous audio work from this week in history over the past 40+ years.

This week's  Minutia Men podcast has been posted. We named the episode after the famous bit by Cheech and Chong, Sister Mary Elephant. Also discussed: a rogue Irish priest, a woman declared alive, internet in the amazon, a German rap sensation, and a touch from Keanu Reeves. Listen to it here.

Here are a few from the archives...

June 9, 1954—Joseph Nye Welch made history when he chastised Senator Joe McCarthy during the McCarthy hearings. 

=His great-granddaughter, Amy Landecker, was on the show to talk about that and her thriving Hollywood career. . Amy story: 


June 10--Neil Steinberg birthday

=The Sun-Times columnist was a guest on this episode of Minutia Men.  

June 10, 1896—Congress authorizes federal penitentiary at Leavenworth. 

=Actor/Artist Dave Vescio was a guest on Minutia Celebrity Interview, and told us about serving time in that notorious prison.  

June 10, 1991—Final episode of Twin Peaks is released. 

=During the Bob Stroud interview, I revealed an embarrassing incident that happened to me while I was at Stroud's house watching that episode. 

June 10, 2022—Vintage Confidential by Duane Scott Cerny released.

=Duane is a character, and he told us some great stories from that book in this episode of the  show.  


June 11, 1986—Ferris Bueller opens

=Everybody from our generation loves that movie. Everybody that is, except for Nick Digilio & me. We both hate it, and bonded over that hate in this episode

June 11, 1952—Hank Sauer hits 3 HRs 

=We have the classic audio of that day. Will we play it this week?

June 11--Frank Beard birthday

=My ZZ Top story also includes the one ZZ Top member (Beard) who didn't actually have a beard.  

June 12, 1991—Bulls win first NBA title. 

=Chuck Swirsky was there, and told us all about it

June 12, 2018—Block Club Chicago founded.

=We talked to one of the founders, Shamus Toomey

June 12, 1972—Deep Throat released. 

=We never actually talked to anyone from that X-rated "classic" but we did interview adult film actress Maitland Ward. We never more thoroughly researched an interviewee. 

June 12, 1972—The famous Dick Allen Sports Illustrated cover released

=Chili Dog MVP author Dr. Fletcher explained the significance of that cover to us.  

June 13--Tim Allen birthday

=My brush with Tim Allen story is told in this episode of Minutia Men. 

June 13—Pigeon Appreciation Day. 

=We actually did an interview with a Chicago alderman about pigeon poop. It's in this episode of the show. 


June 14--Alan White birthday

=The late drummer of Yes was one of our favorite guests. You can listen to it here. He's watching the Price is Right in the background. (Yes): 

June 14, 2021—Minutia Men climbs to top 1% of world’s podcasts

=Just five years after our debut, we reached this still-hard-to-believe height.  

June 14--Lauren LoDiguice birthday

=Our favorite Melania Trump impersonator did this entire interview with us as Melania. 

June 15—Sam Giancana birthday 

=Mob Adjacent author Jeff Gentile actually knew him. It's part of this interview.  

June 15—Billy Williams birthday

=Author Fred Mitchell wrote a whole book about Billy, and tells us what the Hall of Famer is really like. (Spoiler alert: He's very nice) : 

June 15, 1988—Bull Durham released

=We have some classic audio from that film. Will we share it this week?