Monday, July 31, 2017

Entercom/CBS Merger

The merger of two broadcasting giants (CBS & Entercom) is still not final but it's slowly but surely getting there. Tom Taylor's NOW column today features a quote from the new CEO that caught my attention. See if you can spot it...
CEO David Field, who engineered the “transformational” merger with CBS, is anxious to get moving. He’s visited all the CBS Radio clusters at least once, and insists that “There is nothing inherently wrong or broken” with those properties. That was in response to an analyst question about recent negative revenue trends at CBS Radio. Field says CBS has “strong brands” – though he does see “lots of opportunities.” He says the CBS radio stations “will benefit from being part of a focused, pure-play” radio company. The merged company, says Field, will be “the #1 creator of original audio content.” And the $25 million or more in synergies will free up money for research, marketing, programming, national business development, data and analytics.

I can translate that quote for you into English if you're interested. "$25 million in synergies" means "Cutting $25 million in salaries". Buckle up, current CBS radio employees. I've seen this show before.