Monday, August 28, 2017

Nielsen To Reissue Chicago’s July Book After Ratings Snafu

From Inside Radio...

Nielsen will reissue the July 2017 ratings for Chicago on Tuesday, Aug. 29, at noon Central, after it left out listening data from one of a pair of Univision Radio FMs that simulcast and qualify for Total Line Reporting (TLR). The company says audience shares for other stations may be “slightly affected.”

In a notice to clients on Friday, Nielsen said that in the July numbers (released Aug. 7), audience estimates for the TLR combo of Univision’s Spanish urban “Latino Mix 93.5 & 103.1” WVIV and WVIX-FM did not reflect combined listening to both stations. The ratings reflected listening to only one of the stations.

The original ratings, reported with the call letters WVIV-FM, showed it had a 0.6 share of listeners aged 6+, down from a 1.0 share in June and a 1.3 share in May.

In the new numbers coming out Tuesday, listening data from both simulcast partners will be combined and reported with the call letters of the “primary” station, Nielsen said.

“Audience shares for other stations may be slightly affected, as the under-reported listening to the WVIV-FM/WVIX-FM combo was not included in Market totals in the originally released report,” the company explained.

It probably won't make too big of a difference, but it's a big deal when the ratings need to be re-released. Stations have been selling those numbers for the last month.