Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Seven Things Good Parents Do To Screw Up Their Kids

This is from cracked.com, but it's not a bit. It's based on actual research. I'll list the seven things below, you can check out the research here.

7. Giving Your Kids a Creative Name
(Normal names are more likely to be upstanding citizens. You're welcome Tommy, Johnny, and Sean)

6. Teaching Them To Be Themselves
(Peer pressure does lead to more well-adjusted kids.)

5. Making Them Play Sports
(According to studies, athletes are among the most dishonest kids in school)

4. Starting Them In School Early
(Anxiety and low self-esteem are far more likely)

3. Warning Them About Strangers
(It can lead to xenophobia)

2. Heaping Praise On Them
(This is a big duh, if you ask me)

1. Showing Them Educational Videos
(Human on human contact is way more beneficial)

That last one should come with an asterisk. It's not screwing them up...it's just not helping them. That's a big difference, if you ask me. In fact, I'd argue that the thirty minute break for mom and dad helps everybody in the long run, so phooey on that study.